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The economic landscape prior to 2009 was a very different place. Lenders were happy to approve mortgages that were up to, or even more than 100% of a property’s sale price, and also loans that were many times an applicant’s salary. Post the financial crisis, there has been a huge shake up around how applications are viewed and reviewed, and around what you as a borrower can actually afford to pay back.

The new regulations have had two major impacts; there has been a fall in the number of applications being approved due to more stringent checks, and, the process is taking longer. That said, the measures that have been put in place are there to protect borrowers by preventing reckless lending (that could ultimately lead to homes being repossessed), and ensure that borrowers have a good enough tolerance to cope with potential fluctuations in monthly payments (as interest rates will inevitably change over time).

Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up the payments on your mortgage or any debt secured on it.

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